Cape Achladies – Mitikas |(Ακτή Αχλαδιές – Μύτικας)

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Cape Achladies - Mitikas Skiathos

Island view

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The first Island of the North Sporades group of Islands is only 3 nautical miles away from the coast of Pilio and 38 from Volos. Its golden beaches, the bright green mountains and its historical monuments all contribute to an image that makes the island one of the most beautiful ones in the Aegean.

It is a relatively small island, as its total area does not exceed that of 49 square miles, while the total length of the coastline is 44 kilometres. The central road is approximately 44 kilometres long and connects the town with Koukounaries.

The Hora, as many call the own of Skiathos, is the only village on the island. It is built according to traditional island architecture and hosts a great part of the local population, which amounts to four thousand. However, many people prefer to live outside the town, enjoying the peace of the countryside all year around. The locals are mostly employed in the tourism business, which is the main source of income or the island. Nevertheless, many still linger on their old 1001470_534999259881352_1622178792_noccupations, those of their ancestors. Agriculture animal breeding and fishing were all flourishing in the old times, olives being the basic agricultural product.Plain h2 header

Going back, we see that the people of Skiathos, together with their toil of the land, have shown great interests in the cultivation of their soul. Many were those who chose to write stories and poems as a way of expressing themselves, most notably the writers Alexandros Papadiamantis and Alexandros Moraitidis, both of which have glorified with their short stories the customs and traditions of the island. The locals, faithful to their customs and God, fed their souls with liturgies (orthodox masses) and other religious events. Fairs were some of those events. During these fairs, the people of Skiathos would celebrate the glorious days of Christianity with feasts and festivities that would often last two of three days.

In the past years, Skiathos has witnessed great tourist development. Its natural charms, along with its unique character, attract like a magnet thousands of visitors every year, who come from all parts of the world.
The diversity that the island offers, and the changes in landscape and images, holds the interests of the visitor up until the very last moment. The sixty glorious beaches of Skiathos, the ones in the southern part being moderately popular, while those to the north who have sort of a wild beauty, are a unique place for your summer holidays. The trails and uphill tracks among the bright green trees will make your walks unforgettable, often leading you to many 10432110_698995030148440_671187301432143327_nmonasteries o other historical monuments. In the town itself you will experience the cosmopolitan atmosphere of the island, as you will find yourself surrounded by numerous restaurants, cafes and all kind of night spots. Strolling through the paved alleyways of the village you will encounter dozens of churches and innumerable traditional stone houses with gardens in full bloom. Perhaps, your wanderings will take you to the most picturesque neighbourhood of the island, the Plakes, or even the house in which Papadiamandis lived and worked on his wonderful creations.

Upon arriving on the island you will realise that, along with its natural beauty, Skiathos offers the possibility of choosing between numerous offerings, comforts and activities, so that you can arrange your holiday schedule to you liking. A number of experienced professionals and companies work systematically to make your stay as pleasant as possible. At this point we need to point out that the visitor must feel safe as the island authorities together with a very modern hospital are ready at any time to face any problem that might come up.

Concluding we wish to stress out that, upon leaving your picturesque island, you will b accompanied by the fondest of memories, the reason being that you have indeed made the best choice in selecting Skiathos for your holidays, an
island which combines relaxation, entertainment and adventure.